About me. About this blog.

Who am I?

Theologian and Teacher by profession.

Lover of history, photography, art and literature by choice (and, as for history and literature, with some academic background).

Curious mind, hungry soul.

Always wanted to dive deeper, fly higher, see more distant, know more, understand better.

Trying to see things from another perspective.

What´s this about?

Culture is like a wonderful garden…once you´ve opened the garden gates and step in, you are surrounded by the most intriguing scents of all kinds.

The earthy smells of history…where we come from, where our roots dive deep into the earth. Sometimes humid, even disgusting, sometimes deep and soothing, sometimes light and a bit dusty…like it would be easy to shake off…and still…

The flowery scents of art…sometimes just a delicate touch of fragrance, almost unnoticeable. Then again deep and exotic, overwhelming.

Literature adds its delicious scents…the spicy ones of novels, the lovely ones of poetry. And music…fruity, musky, like berries, lavender and pine.

Encounters with foreign cultures, people and landscapes, bring another smell…a mysterious, extravagant perfume.

Culture fills my senses, makes me breath in deeply. Here I want to share how those things create a garden, yes, a whole world, in my eyes, mind and heart.

Please, visit my garden. Feel free to explore, to enjoy and to share your thoughts with me. Be my guest. You are invited.

Please note: All photographs on this page are not usuable for publication without explicit permission by photographer.
All images © Barbara Mack



  1. Bill Nigh said,

    You are an excellent example of what a human being can be.

  2. Dr Bob Gough said,

    A bright light in today’s world. 🙂 There’s some humanity remaining …

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